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Free and Low-cost Computer and Technology Courses

Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys
Programming Cloud Services for Android Handheld Devices
Creative Programming for Digital Media and Mobile Apps

Free and Low-cost Writing, Journalism and Grammar Courses

Crafting an Effective Writer
Fantasy Writing Workshop
Your Screenwriting Career
The Art of Writing Horror
Introduction to Personal Journaling
Memoir Writing: The Journey to Me
Break the Block
Grant Writing 101
The Creative Spark
Digital Poetry
Reading and Writing Short Stories
Writing and the Environment
Writing and Experience: Exploring Self in Society
Writing, Editing and Publishing in Cyberspace
Genre Fiction Workshop
Writing on Contemporary Issues: Imagining the Future

Free and Low-cost Religion Courses

Politics and Religion
The Bible: An Introduction
The New Testament History and Literature
Introduction to the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible)
Latino Theology and Christian Tradition
Islam: Religion, History and Culture
Religious Architecture and Islamic Cultures
Islam, the Middle East and the West

Psychic and Metaphysical Courses

Magic, Withcraft and the Spirit World

Self-Help and Self-Improvement Courses

Learning How to Learn
How to Succeed in College

Political Science Courses

Politics and Religion

Math and Algebra Courses

Early Math for Pre-Schoolers
Basic Math: 3rd Grade U.S.
Basic Math: 4th Grade U.S.
Basic Math: 5th Grade U.S.
Basic Math: 6th Grade U.S.
Basic Math: 7th Grade U.S.
Basic Math: 8th Grade U.S.

Direct links to Environmental and Earth Science Courses

From the Big Bang to Dark Energy
Writing and the Environment
End of Nature
Climate Change and the Law

Direct links to Psychology Courses

The New Psychology of Depression
Psychology 101

Direct links to Business and Finance Courses

The Power of Microeconomics
The Power of Macroeconomics
Grant Writing 101
How to Launch a Successful Startup

Direct links to Education Courses

Copyright Law for Educators and Librarians
Learning How to Learn
How to Succeed in College

Direct links to History and Geography Courses

Roman Architecture

The Camera Never Lies

Direct links to Health, Wellness and Medical Courses

Genes and the Human Condition

Child Nutrition and Cooking

Direct links to Law and Criminology Courses

Introduction to Forensic Science
Climate Change and the Law
Copyright Law for Educators and Librarians
Drugs and Drug Control in the USA

Direct links to Photography, Art, Film and Music Courses

Introduction to Digital Sound Design
A Beginner's Guide to Digital Photography
Elements of Drawing
Exposing Digital Photography