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April 10 — We've begun adding courses to the Computer & Technology page -- 7 free classes, and we'll be adding dozens more over the next few weeks!

April 7 — Explore our new section of ESL/EFL classes for users around the world who want to learn English. There are 7 free classes, and more to come! If you have friends who might find these ESL classes useful, invite them to stop by VU and set up a desk!

March 18 — We have added 20 free classes to our catalog. There's a mix of writing classes such as The Creative Spark, Hypergrammar and Digital Poetry, and some fascinating religion courses.

Mar 16 — Our credit card payment system has been transitioned to Stripe, a leader in secure e-commerce solutions. Now when you pay student fees or donate to VU, your credit card details will be sent directly to our processor and will never be stored on our server, reducing the risk to data breach to near zero.

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Our VU Learning Desk app is now mobile- and tablet-friendly! Conveniently manage the classes you take from VU and other educational websites, and keep track of your grades and CEU credits in one place.

VU now offers a mix of free and paid classes. Free classes are self-guided and don't provide grades or instructor contact; most are served by non-VU providers like Stanford and MIT. Paid courses are hosted by VU, and most are instructor-led or mentored, providing a rich e-learning experience and free recording of grades and CEUs.

If you would like to express your support for VU and help keep this e-learning community online and growing, please become a VU Subscriber today!

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Have you discovered a free e-course on an education website that you think your fellow VU students might enjoy? Share your discovery! If we add the class to our catalog, you will earn 200 vuPoints!

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If you have expertise as a writer, editor or publisher, you can share your knowledge with eager learners by mentoring one of our free writing classes. Check our catalog for free classes we currently offer.

If you see a course that you are qualified to mentor, browse this short FAQ and then submit this Mentor Application.

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Starts May 2014
Bring the story teller within you to life! The memoir is the most popular literary form of our time, and this course reveals how to record the unforgettable moments of your life.
Catherine Lamberg
Community Volunteer, Mentor
Starts May 2014
Put your life on a path to happiness and reach your highest goals! This inspiring course how you can bring about change in your life through positive thinking, insight and self-awareness rather than impulsive choices.
Richard De A'Morelli
Author, Motivational Instructor
Starts May 2014
Writing is more than just a way to share ideas -- it's a tool we can use for self-discovery and healing. Explore a variety of popular genre and techniques to use writing as a healing art.
Callie Carling
Natural Beauty Therapist
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