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Recent Course Additions

Added August 6

Intro to Ancient Greek History

Ancient Israel

Philosophy of Religion

Introduction to Religion

Science, Magic and Religion

Buddhist Meditation and the
Modern World
(starts Jan 19, 2015)

Introduction to Philosophy
(starts Sept 15, 2014)

Revolutionary Ideas: Intro to Legal & Political Philosophy (Sep 15, 2014)

Anthropology of Religion

Learning the Tarot

Learn to Meditate

Learn Sahaja Yoga Meditation

Theology I

Christian Faith: Its Practices

Christianity and Ethics

History of Christianity

History of Christianity in America

Literature & World of Hebrew Bible

Islam 101

Islam in 10 Minutes

Principles of Islam

Added July 20

Songwriting (starts July 21)

Introduction to Digital Sound Design
(starts July 21)

Introduction to Forensic Science
(starts Aug 11)

Crafting an Effective Writer

Genes and the Human Condition

Child Nutrition and Cooking

From the Big Bang to Dark Matter
(starts Aug 5)

The Camera Never Lies (Aug 4)

The Power of Microeconomics

The Power of Macroeconomics

Creative Programming for Digital Media

Added July 17

Fundamentals of Climate Science

Entrepreneurship & Venture Capital

Sustainable Living

Autism and Related Disorders

A History of Information

Introduction to Psychology

Epidemics in the West Since 1600

Environmental Psychology

Intro to Computer Programming

Introduction to Computer Science

Online Graphics

Introduction to Oceanography

Global Warming

Patient Safety and Medical Errors

Child Health and Development

Fundamentals of Epidemiology I

Fundamentals of Epidemiology II

History of Public Health

Added July 12

Learning How to Learn (Aug 1)

Copyright Law for Educators and Librarians (starts July 18)

Programming Cloud Services for Android Handheld Devices (starts July21)

Questionnaire Design for Social Surveys (starts July 7)

How to Succeed in College
(starts July 15)

Drugs and Drug Control in the USA
(starts July 14)

Psychology 101

Elements of Drawing

The New Psychology of Depression

Roman Architecture

Climate Change and the Law

Exposing Digital Photography

AJAX Programming

How to Build a Computer

HTML 5 Step by Step

Computer Networking 101

Introduction to mySQL Database

Javascript for Beginners

Introduction to International Criminal Law

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Starts Sep 2014
Bring the story teller within you to life! The memoir is the most popular literary form of our time, and this course reveals how to record the unforgettable moments of your life.
Catherine Lamberg
Community Volunteer, Mentor
Starts Sep 2014
Put your life on a path to happiness and reach your highest goals! This inspiring course how you can bring about change in your life through positive thinking, insight and self-awareness rather than impulsive choices.
Richard De A'Morelli
Author, Motivational Instructor
Starts Sep 2014
Writing is more than just a way to share ideas -- it's a tool we can use for self-discovery and healing. Explore a variety of popular genre and techniques to use writing as a healing art.
Callie Carling
Natural Beauty Therapist
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