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Live Well. Be Happy.

by Richard De A'Morelli

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This book is about life and the search for happiness. It's a book about how you can bring happiness into your life, and how you can change your life for the better. Everyone wants to live well and be happy, and the surest way you can fulfill that desire is to change how you think and react to the world around you. Change the way you think and you will change your life. Change the way you view the future, and you will become the architect of your destiny.

This book reveals easy steps you can take to stay sane and positive in a crazy world. You'll learn how making simple changes in your daily routine can help you chart a path to happiness. You'll read short stories of everyday people who have overcome difficult obstacles and setbacks, and gone on to live well and be happy. You'll read the author's own story of his descent into grief after his only son was killed, and his struggle to recover. It is a compelling account because he was teaching inspirational classes at the time, and the tragedy put his belief in positivity to the ultimate test. His story, just one of 28 short lessons in the book, offers hope to those who struggle with depression, self-doubt, and other negative conditions in their lives.

As you read through these pages, you'll learn that your happiness in life depends on the choices you make; on staying positive, and on you never giving up your hopes and dreams. You'll discover natural ways to reduce stress, overcome depression, build confidence, and conquer unhealthy habits. You will also learn how to stay balanced and maintain your peace of mind using simple methods such as deep relaxation, visualization, rhythm breathing, and meditation.

This book reminds us life is short, and we must make the most of the precious time we have. When you look back on your life, all that will matter is: Did you live well? Were you happy? Did you make others happy? Are you leaving the world a better place than it was when you came into it? How you answer those questions will be shaped by your thoughts and actions today and in the days to come.

If you have been looking for a book that will encourage you to change your life and give you a helping hand to take the first steps forward, this short course in modern living may be that inspiration. The book also makes a wonderful gift for someone in need of encouragement and a step-by-step approach to getting their life on a positive track.

Live well. Be happy. Everything else in your life will fall into place.

About the Author

Richard De A'Morelli published his first magazine article at age 14 and signed a multi-book contract with a traditional publisher at 18. Since then, he has published 16 nonfiction books, including two bestsellers in the self-help field, three grammar/editing books, one of which was a genre bestseller in 2016, and three novels under pseudonyms.

Beyond writing, Richard has 30+ years of experience as a professional editor. He was a by-lined editorial staff member to Irving Wallace, one of the top authors of the twentieth century, and he has held Senior Editor jobs with a number of book and magazine publishers. Richard's author clients have nicknamed him Jedi Editor for his work on books that include: Apocalypse Orphan by Tim Allen, a Spring 2016 Amazon Best Seller in three genres, and Eden's Serum by Angelique Anderson.

During a five-year stint as a news reporter in southern California, Richard published 500+ by-lined feature articles and taught journalism and creative writing at Los Angeles Valley College and Learning Tree University in Southern California. More recently, he developed and led a dozen writing courses at Virtual University.

Richard is accepting new clients in need of editing, proofreading, book formatting, and other publishing services.

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