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The village of Dunwich holds a terrible secret. Rumors of unholy bonfires, black magic rituals on a nearby hilltop, and the unearthly screeching of whippoorwills on certain nights of the year hang over the town like a dark shroud. But it was during the harvest season in 1928 that a series of horrific events changed the town forever.

Born in 1913, Wilbur Whateley was raised by his mother and grandfather, who was said to be involved in sorcery. The boy grew abnormally fast and reached the physical stature of an adult when he was ten. Few visitors stopped by Old Whateley’s farmhouse, and those who did visit came away gossiping about bizarre renovations and fears of some enormous beast imprisoned upstairs. When Wilbur's grandfather died and his mother disappeared mysteriously, the young man is left on his own. Upon discovering that his family copy of the dreaded Necronomicon has a damaged page he needs to complete a ritual, he sets out to borrow an intact copy from Miskatonic University library, but the librarian denies his request. Under the cover of nightfall, Wilbur breaks in to the library to steal the book, but he is viciously attacked by a guard dog and dies on the floor.

Meanwhile, the horror locked away upstairs in the Whateley farmhouse grows stronger. Soon, the farmhouse explodes, unleashing the horror inside. Three Miskatonic professors come to battle the horror and dispel the evil tormenting the village, bringing this Lovecraft story to a thrilling conclusion.

This Academic Edition is designed for classroom use by English, literature, and writing students, as well as casual readers in search of a great story. It contains the full text of Lovecraft's novel, The Dunwich Horror, as well as an Editor's Foreword offering historical context on the book, an Author Bio, a Study Guide, and a full set of chapter-based quizzes. It also has an interactive component, providing readers free access to a virtual classroom devoted to this literature classic on the Virtual University website.

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Test your understanding of characters, events, and themes in each chapter of H. P. Lovecraft's cosmic horror classic, The Dunwich Horror with these multiple-choice quizzes. Your answers will be scored as you work through each question. At the end of the quiz, your final score will be displayed, along with a summary of all questions and answers on the quiz.

Once you have completed a quiz, you can repeat it by clicking the applicable button. A new, randomized set of questions and answers will be generated. Alternately, you can return to the quiz index and choose another test or exit to the virtual classroom home page.


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