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Course Title: The Art of Writing Horror
Instructor: Laurie E. Notch
Curriculum: 6 units, plus Final Exam
Textbooks: None
Prerequisites: None. All students may enroll in this class.
CEU Eligibility: Yes, 2 CEUs
Enrollment Fee: $20.00
Start Date: Enroll now and start learning today!

About the Instructor

Laurie E. Notch is an international educator and author who has published nonfiction, fiction and cyber graphic novels. She has lectured at Tufts University among other colleges in the U.S., Europe, Africa and Asia. She is the Managing Editor of the print and online Adventures for the Average Woman Magazine whose mission is to promote women in the literary and visual arts, and president of Wasted Minds Entertainment, a media production company that has produced television pilots including Strange Attractors (a reality TV program that investigates the odd and extraordinary), Ghost Quest (with an all female ghost hunting team), and Supernatural Hotspots (another paranormal show). She is the author of the novel The Spoiler and writes articles for eHow and The Examiner, among other Web publications.

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