How to Launch a Successful Startup

VU Course ID: BZ311
Curriculum: 2 units
  • Disciplined Entrepreneurship: 24 Steps to a Successful Startup
  • Prerequisites: None
    Developer: Bill Aulet
    Provider: MIT
    Recordable: Yes

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    Course Description

    In this free course from MIT, Bill Aulet discusses his 24-step process to launching a successful startup. Learn about key steps to launching a successful startup and understand the importance of discipline, experimentation, iteration and customer focus in the entrepreneurial process. The course includes a set of videos and lecture notes.

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    Video 1 – What Is Entrepreneurship
    Video 2 – What Is Innovation
    Video 3 – Varieties of Innovation
    Video 4 – Three Ways to Start a Company
    Video 5 – Six Myths of Entrepreneurship
    Video 6 – How to Do Market Segmentation
    Video 7 – What is a Beachhead Market
    Video 8 – Our Passion for Entrepreneurship at MIT
    Video 9 – Market Segmentation With SensAble Technologies: Part I
    Video 10 – Market Segmentation With SensAble Technologies: Part II
    Video 11 – From Passion to Idea or Technology
    Video 12 – What Makes a Business
    Lecture 1 – Elements & Roles of a Business Plan
    Lecture 2 – Idea Generation (PDF)
    Lecture 3 – Idea Filtering / Sanity Check (PDF)
    Lecture 4 – Idea Speed Dating (PDF)
    Lecture 5 – Idea Refinement and Team Formation (PDF)
    Lecture 6 – Target Customer (PDF)
    Lecture 7 – Market Segmentation & How to Do Primary Customer Research (PDF)
    Lecture 8 – What Can You Do for Your Customer? (PDF)
    Lecture 9 – What Can You Uniquely Do for Your Customer? (PDF)
    Lecture 10 – Competition (PDF)
    Lecture 11 – How Does Your Customer Acquire Your Product (PDF)
    Lecture 12 – How Do You Make Money off Your Product? (PDF)
    Lecture 13 – Business Plans & Designing a Business Model (PDF)
    Lecture 14 – Sales and Distribution Plans (PDF)
    Lecture 15 – How Do You Design and Build Your Product? (PDF)
    Lecture 16 – Financials (PDF)
    Lecture 17 – Product Development (PDF)
    Lecture 18 – Legal and Organizational Matters (PDF)
    Lecture 19 – Scaling the Business, Team Section and How to Present a Business Plan (PDF)
    Lecture 20 – How to Help an Entrepreneurial Company (PDF)
    Lecture 21 – Additional Readings ~ Leave yourself notes in the cloud!

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