How to Build a Computer

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Curriculum: 23 videos
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Developer: Bucky Roberts
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Course Description

Whether you are looking to repair a broken computer, upgrade your video card or memory, or build a new desktop PC from scratch, this 23-session video course will walk you through the steps. The course covers key topics such as choosing the right CPU, buying a motherboard and RAM, and selecting a case, power supply and hard drive. You’ll then walk through the step-by-step process of putting it all together and building a fully functional computer in just an hour or two. Why pay your computer shop hundreds of dollars when you can learn to do your own repairs with this hands-on video course!

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Video 1 – Choosing a CPU
Video 2 – More on CPUs
Video 3 – Choosing a Motherboard
Video 4 – More on Choosing a Motherboard
Video 5 – Choosing RAM
Video 6 – More on RAM
Video 7 – Choosing the Hard Drive
Video 8 – More Stuff About Hard Drives
Video 9 – Choosing an Optical Drive
Video 10 – More on Optical Drives
Video 11 – Choosing a Case
Video 12 – More on Cases
Video 13 – Power Supplies
Video 14 – The Motherboard
Video 15 – Installing the CPU
Video 16 – Installing CPU Fan
Video 17 – Installing the RAM
Video 18 – Preparing the Case
Video 19 – Mounting the Motherboard
Video 20 – Installing the Optical Drive
Video 21 – Installing the Hard Drive
Video 22 – Installing the PSU
Video 23 – 100k Views Free Computer Giveaway ~ Leave yourself notes in the cloud!

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