Programming Cloud Services for Android Handheld Systems

VU Course ID: CP319
Curriculum: 10 weeks, 4-6 hours
Textbooks: None
Prerequisites: None
Instructors: C. Jules White, Douglas C. Schmidt
Provider: Vanderbilt University
Recordable: Statement of completion and verified certificate are available from the provider. This class can be recorded in your Virtual University e-transcript.

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starts Class starts July 21, 2014ends Sep 29, 2014)

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Course Description

This free online course presented by Vanderbilt University MOOC describes by example how to connect Android mobile devices to clouds using object-oriented design techniques, Java programming, Jetty middleware, Java servlets, the Java Spring Framework, and cloud computing platforms such as Google App Engine.

Although the cloud service topics in this course will be taught in the context of connecting mobile devices to the cloud, the concepts are broader and will give participants the ability to create the cloud services to support large-scale Web applications, such as social networking applications, cloud services for embedded systems, and wearable computing devices, such as Google Glass.

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Course Home Page

Section 0: Getting Started

Course Overview

Section 1: Talking to the Cloud with HTTP

Module 1 – The HTTP Protocol
Module 2 – Designing Applications with HTTP Communication

Section 2: Building Java Cloud Services

Module 1 – Java Secrets
Module 2 – Better Abstractions for Building Java Cloud Services
Module 3 – Better Client-side Communication Abstractions
Module 4 – Building Loosely Coupled and Extensible Java Services

Section 3: Building Database-driven Java Cloud Services

Module 1 – Persistent Objects
Module 2 – RESTful Services for Persistent Objects

Section 4: Restricting Service Access with User Accounts

Module 1 – Secure HTTP Communication
Module 2 – What Was I Saying: Keeping Track of Sessions
Module 3 – Authenticating Mobile Clients

Section 5: Deploying to the Cloud Scaling

Module 1 – General Scaling Strategies
Module 2 – Scaling Up Data Storage
Module 3 – Automating Packaging Deployment
Module 4 – Performance Testing

Section 6: Patterns and Frameworks for Concurrent and Networked Server Software

Module 1 – Introduction to the Web Server Case Study
Module 2 – Patterns and Frameworks for Service Access and Communication
Module 3 – Patterns and Frameworks for Service Configuration and Activiation ~ Leave yourself notes in the cloud!

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