Introduction to mySQL Database

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Curriculum: 33 videos
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Developer: Bucky Roberts
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Course Description

MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database software. It is used on millions of websites and in corporate offices around the world. According to the product website, mySQL offers superior speed, reliability and ease of use, and it has become the preferred choice for Web designers and others who manage large amounts of data using database software to accomplish the task. This course, comprised of 33 videos, gives students an introduction to mySQL databases and then moves on to setting up a mySQL server, creating a database, structuring the data, and sorting, filtering and displaying the results.

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Video 1 – Introduction to Databases
Video 2 – Getting a MySQL Server
Video 3 – Creating a Database
Video 4 – SHOW and SELECT
Video 5 – Basic Rules for SQL Statements
Video 6 – Getting Multiple Columns
Video 7 – DISTINCT and LIMIT
Video 8 – Sorting Results
Video 9 – Sort Direction
Video 10 – Basic Data Filtering and WHERE
Video 11 – Advanced Filtering Using AND and OR
Video 12 – Are you IN or are you NOT IN?
Video 13 – How Search Engines Work
Video 14 – More on Wildcards
Video 15 – Regular Expressions
Video 16 – Creating Custom Columns
Video 17 – Functions
Video 18 – More on Aggregate Functions
Video 19 – GROUP BY
Video 20 – Subqueries
Video 21 – Another Subquery Example
Video 22 – How to Join Tables
Video 23 – Outer Joins
Video 24 – UNION
Video 25 – Full-Text Searching
Video 26 – INSERT INTO
Video 27 – How to Insert Multiple Rows
Video 238 – UPDATE and DELETE
Video 32 – Views
Video 33 – Final Video! ~ Leave yourself notes in the cloud!

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