Grammar for ESL Students

VU Course ID: ES110
Curriculum: 30 units
Textbooks: None
Prerequisites: None
Recordable: Yes

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Course Description

This short course for English as a Second Language (ESL) students focuses on English grammar. It includes tutorials, detailed explanations and some audio/video support. The lesson materials are broken up into simple bites of information that can be easily digested. A quiz is provided at the end of each topic, giving learners the ability to evaluate their grasp of the lesson before moving on to the next.

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Learning ESL (News Feed)

Lecture 1 – Using the Conditional (Part 1)
Lecture 2 – More on using ’The
Lecture 3 – Using Past Continuous With Simple Past Tense
Lecture 4 – Have you ever...?
Lecture 5 – Using Have to, Supposed to, and Ought to
Lecture 6 – Reported Speech (Part 1)
Lecture 7 – Reported Speech (Part 2)
Lecture 8 – Reflexive Pronouns
Lecture 9 – Using Because to Connect Sentences
Lecture 10 – Using Parallel Verbs
Lecture 11 – Using Wish to Talk About the Past
Lecture 12 – Past Participles
Lecture 13 – Very vs. Too
Lecture 14 – Using Must as a Conclusion
Lecture 15 – Using Wish in the Present Tense
Lecture 16 – The Present Perfect Progressive Tens
Lecture 17 – Using Since and For
Lecture 18 – Using The Present Perfect Tense
Lecture 19 – Use To/ Used To
Lecture 20 – In, At, On + Time or Date
Lecture 21 – Simple Past vs. Past Progressive Tense
Lecture 22 – Using Either, Neither and Too
Lecture 23 – Simple Present vs. Present Continuous
Lecture 24 – Tag Questions
Lecture 25 – It’s and Its
Lecture 26 – Hear and Listen to
Lecture 27 – See, Look at, and Watch
Lecture 28 – Confused About Confusing Language?
Lecture 29 – Irregular Past Tense Verbs
Lecture 30 – Go + Noun ~ Leave yourself notes in the cloud!

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Course Reviews & Feedback

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