Principles of Islam (Part 1)

VU Course ID: R306
Curriculum: 59 lectures
Textbooks: None
Prerequisites: None
Instructor: Dr. Sayed Khalil Tabatabai
Provider: AlMujtaba Islamic Network
Recordable: Yes / 2 CEUs

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Course Description

This free video course covers the Principles of Islam (Aqaed) given by Dr. Sayed Khalil Tabatabai of the Imam Hussain Charitable Foundation in Montreal, Canada. The course discusses issues in Monotheism, Justice of Allah, Prophethood, Imamate and the Day of Judgment. This is Part 1 of a 2-part course comprised of 110 video lectures. You can also browse Part 2 of the course.

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Video 1
Proof of Existence of Allah Through Human Nature
Video 2
World of Particles (Thar)
Video 3
Cause and Effect - Circle and Infinite Series
Video 4
Proof of Existence of God Through Intelligent Design
Video 5
Proof of Existence of God Through the Theory of Probability
Video 6
Proof of Existence of God Through the Proof of Contingency
Video 7
Proof of Existence of God - Proof of Self Existence
Video 8
Proof of Existence of God - Proof of Movement
Video 9
Quranic Proofs on the Existence of God (Part 1)
Video 10
Quranic Proofs on the Existence of God (Part 2)
Video 11
Oneness of Allah (God)
Video 12
Classifications of Attributes of Allah (God)
Video 13
Difference Between Material and Immaterial
Video 14
Knowledge of Allah (God)
Video 15
Ability of Allah (God)
Video 16
The Beautiful Names of God
Video 17
Will of Allah (God)
Video 18
Eternity and Speech of Allah (God)
Video 19
The Negative Attributes of Allah (God)
Video 20
Unity Vs. Trinity
Video 21
Oneness of the Creator
Video 22
Oneness in Worship
Video 23
Oneness in Intercession
Video 24
Intercession in Ahadith (Narrations)
Video 25
Introduction to Justice of God
Video 26
The Rationality of Good and Evil
Video 27
Compulsion, Freedom, and a State in Between
Video 28
A State in Between Compulsion and Freedom in Hadith
Video 29
Fate and Destiny (Part 1)
Video 30
Fate and Destiny (Part 2)
Video 31
Video 32
Philosophy of Good and Evil
Video 33
Philosophy of Punishment in the Hereafter
Video 34
The Attributes of the Lawmaker
Video 35
Miracles of the Prophets
Video 36
Miracles of the Prophets and Revelation
Video 37
Infalliblity of the Prophets
Video 38
Infalliblity of the Prophets (P.)
Video 39
Rational Quranic Proofs of Infallibility of the Prophets
Video 40
Infallibility of Prophet Adam (A.S.)
Video 41
Infallibility of Prophet Noah (A.S.)
Video 42
Infalliblity of Prophet Ibrahim (A.S.)
Video 43
Infalliblity of Prophet Yusuf (A.S.)
Video 44
Infalliblity of Prophet Musa (A.S.)
Video 45
Infalliblity of Prophet Dawud and Sulayman (A.S.)
Video 46
Infalliblity of Prophet Muhammed (P.) (Part 1)
Video 47
Infalliblity of Prophet Muhammed (P.) (Part 2)
Video 48
Prophethood of Prophet Muhammed
Video 40
Why The Miracle Was in Literature
Video 50
Confession of Eloquent Arabs That the Quran Is a Miracle
Video 51
The Ummi Prophet, No Contradiction in the Holy Quran
Video 52
Evidences of Quranic Miracles
Video 53
Prophet Noah, Lut, Jacob, and Abraham in Quran and Bible
Video 54
Prophet Jacob, David, Solmon, and Jesus in Quran and Bible
Video 55
Stability and Progression in Islam
Video 56
The Legislative Miracle of the Holy Quran
Video 57
Miracles of the Holy Quran
Video 58
Scientific Miracles of the Holy Quran
Video 59
Miracles of Prophet Muhammed (P.) ~ Leave yourself notes in the cloud!

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