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"A wonderful collection of 365 empowering affirmations
for every day of the year,
inspired by nature and the changing seasons."

This book of daily affirmations is a collection of simple but easily forgotten principles of positive thought and living in the moment that can empower you to achieve success and happiness in life. Inspired by the changing seasons, the calendar months, and nature's timeless wonder, these passages can serve as reminders that no matter what difficulties you face, when you plant positive seeds, they will blossom into positive results.

Language has always been a powerful catalyst to inspire and motivate, even in the darkest times. A few reassuring words at the right moment can make a tremendous difference in how things turn out. Instead of falling into frustration or despair, you can use these affirmations to reimagine your path forward with confident optimism. It's as easy as taking a few minutes every day to step back from your hectic life, center yourself in the present moment, and reinforce your positive state of mind.

Author/editor Abby Leigh Hunter began writing this book at the height of the 2020 pandemic. Having moved from the Midwest to California a year earlier, she was far from home and stressed about the safety of her family and loved ones. Focusing on the positives in her life and drawing on her love of nature, she began jotting down daily affirmations that helped her to stay focused on living in the moment and maintaining a positive frame of mind.

Seasons change, your life will change, and each year can be better than the last if you take the actions necessary to remain positive and true to your goals. Never lose sight of life's natural order: after every rain comes sunshine; after every storm, a tranquil calm; after night�s darkest hours, a new day always dawns bringing new opportunities to fill your life with prosperity and achieve your fondest dreams.

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/ Author Bio

Author Abby Leigh Hunter

Abby Leigh Hunter grew up near the cornfields of the Midwest, reading everything she could get her hands on. From her grandmother's stacks of National Enquirer and The Star to her mother's copies of Reader's Digest and Cosmopolitan, Abby developed a deep love of reading. She wanted to share and talk about the amazing things she read, which not surprisingly led to an interest in writing.

Abby spent her days in school reading the latest novels that caught her interest or writing poems and letters to friends instead of taking in her lessons. Her "too cool for school" attitude did not reflect well on her grades, but it did provide a creative outlet that would shape her adult life. Fascinated by the enduring tales the world's great authors of past and present could weave, she aspired to study them and one day write stories just as extraordinary. Her interest in classics led to an editor's role with an educational publisher, where her credits include academic editions of classics by Oscar Wilde and H.P. Lovecraft, with more to come.

Abby resides in a sleepy village on California's central coast with her husband (a lifelong writer/editor), their cat, and a yard full of blooming flowers and happy birds. She enjoys cliches, sunsets, long walks on the beach, and she will always love a good book.

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