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Religion and Hip Hop Culture
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What is religion? What is Hip-Hop? This course explores Hip Hop cultures religious dimensions through its musical language-rap music. Over the six weeks of the class, well get a sense of how some individuals answer these questions, and you'll get the tools you need to explore these questions for yourselves. As this course unfolds, well explore the relationship between Hip Hop culture and religion, considering the ways in which Hip Hop culture discusses and provides life meaning in complex ways. The course includes a unique mix of videos, readings, music, images, stories and behind-the-scenes insider perspectives.

Introduction to Digital Sound Design
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Sound is an important part of the human experience, shaping and transforming the world around us. This course provides an overview of the basic principles of sound and factors that determine human audio perception. It explores techniques of recording, mixing, processing, sampling and editing digital audio, using free audio production software for PC and Mac. You will also learn a variety of sound design and editing techniques for use in film and Web-based media, soundscape creations, or live and Internet music performances.

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In this course, you will learn effective processes for writing songs that express your ideas and emotions. Explore a variety of tools that revolve around the concept of prosody matching lyrics and music to support your underlying message. You will be working with lyrics and music, but its not necessary that you know how to read music or play an instrument.

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